WordPress & Successful Blogging Training


Blogging can be done to create interesting articles in your subject area as a means of promoting your online profile as a company or an individual level. Blogging can also be used as a method of Search Engine Optimisation for promoting your website itself by hosting a blog on your own website or elsewhere on the web. In this course we look at both and look at the benefits and risks.

Your course consists of:

  • High quality training from industry professionals
  • All delegates receive our Email Marketing training manual complete
  • Electronic version containing all documentation, useful links & resources
  • Maximum of 10 delegates per course for more individual attention
  • Lunch, Tea & Coffee provided
  • Screen video & audio recording of your training session to refer back (In house training only)
  • FREE – 1 month post training support (In house training only)

Is this course for me?

This course will suit anyone who currently deals with overseeing marketing or some who wants to create a personal / company blog, or as a preliminary course to starting a blogging business.
If you are a managing directors, marketing managers, web designers, web developers, trainee web marketeers, agency marketers, & SME business owners then you would benefit from this course.

Do I need any prior knowledge or qualifications for this course?

This course has some elements of a technical nature, it is advisable that you are familiar with the File Transfer Protocol Software (FTP) FileZilla

Course topics you will learn:

Day 1

  • Installing Self-Hosted WordPress
  • WordPress Administration Panels
  • Understanding slugs
  • Working with user accounts
  • Upgrading the software
  • Customizing Appearance – themes, CSS, etc.
  • Using Plug-Ins – Including Recommended Plugins
  • WordPress as a Content Management System
  • SEO for WordPress
  • Google Analytics for WordPress
  • Iphone for WordPress

Day 2

  • Setting up a wordpress.com blog
  • Developing a content strategy
  • Identifying who you are communicating with &why
  • Writing captivating content
  • What to write? Where to look for current topics
  • Outsourcing writing
  • Live blogging
  • Integrating social media
  • Other blogging services a comparison

I have a question

If you are not sure about any aspect of this course please ask & we will be happy to answer any query you have enquiry@digitalmarketingstrategies.co.uk

If you prefer to call our number is – 020 8816 8031