Google Analytics Training Course


The Foundation Course is not technical, any complex concepts are explained in simple lay persons terms to introduce you to this software and what Key Performance Indicators you should be measuring, to make your site work effectively & economically.

The Advanced Course does have technical elements, any complex concepts are explained but it is better to have some experience prior to of the subject, if you are unsure contact us and let one of our trainers assess your skill level and advise you.

Your course consists of:

  • High quality training from industry professionals
  • All delegates receive our Email Marketing training manual complete
  • Electronic version containing all documentation, useful links & resources
  • Maximum of 10 delegates per course for more individual attention
  • Lunch, Tea & Coffee provided
  • Screen video & audio recording of your training session to refer back (In house training only)
  • FREE – 1 month post training support (In house training only)

Is this course for me?

The Foundation Course will suit anyone who wants an introduction to the subject, it provides an overview of Google Analytics. Managing directors, marketing managers, web designers, web developers, trainee web marketeers, & SME business owners would benefit from this course as it introduces the delegate to the more important elements of analytics and digital strategy.

The Advanced Course will suit anyone who wants to take the subject further. Managing directors marketing managers, web designers, web developers, trainee web marketeers, & SME business owners would benefit from this course as it increases the delegate’s understanding of Analytics and Key Performance Indicators.

Do I need any prior knowledge or qualifications for this course?

No prior knowledge of Google Analytics is required for the Foundation Course however candidates should have at least navigated the Google Analytics dashboard and viewed the various reports on offer.

With The Advanced Course it is advisable you have pre-existing knowledge of Google Analytics or have attended the Foundation Google Analytics Training prior to taking this course, if possible you will have used Google Analytics on a regular basis, you should have some experience of basic filters, profiles & accounts. A reasonable knowledge of HTML and experience of JavaScript would be desirable but not essential.

Foundation course topics you will learn

  • Account & Profile best practice
  • An introduction to Google Analytics tracking codes
  • Simple Filters
  • Site search
  • Integrating Google Adwords
  • Key performance indicators & setting up goals
  • Guide to reporting
  • Funnel visualization reports
  • Adwords reports
  • Search engine optimisation reports
  • Social media marketing reports
  • Tracking other marketing using analytics

Advanced course topics you will learn

  • Advanced account & profle set up
  • Google Analytics tracking code
  • Introduction to Urchin Analytics
  • Ecommerce set up & reporting
  • Enabling site search & interpretation of reports
  • Advanced Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) & Goals
  • Custom Filters & Advanced Data Segmentation
  • Regex overview
  • Tracking & reporting on downloads
  • SEO marketing tracking & reporting
  • Adwords marketing tracking & reporting
  • Email marketing tracking & reporting
  • Social media tracking & reporting
  • Affiliate marketing tracking & reporting
  • Video marketing tracking & reporting
  • Custom visitor tracking & reporting
  • Identifying site & page problems

I have a question

If you are not sure about any aspect of this course please ask & we will be happy to answer any query you have

If you prefer to call our number is – 020 8816 8031